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Founded in 2008, Deep Imaging is a technology company focused on bringing next-generation subsurface monitoring to the E&P industry. With Deep Imaging’s proprietary electromagnetic (EM) monitoring solutions, operators can now directly track frac fluid movement in unconventional basins.

Deep Imaging reinvented EM into a new cutting-edge monitoring technology

Previously EM monitoring had been used exclusively in off-shore operations. Deep Imaging’s engineers reinvented EM monitoring into innovative, patented products and services that are now effectively and reliably used in unconventional plays.

Using broadband frequencies, Deep Imaging’s EM monitoring technology transmits a field of energy deep into the earth measuring dynamic reservoir changes and tracking fluid location. This is a significant advantage over other subsurface monitoring solutions that infer where fluid is likely going based on indirect data sources such as subsurface acoustic changes due to variables like rocks cracking.

Deep Imaging received its first round of funding in 2012 and has subsequently secured additional capital through 2017. The company has an extensive intellectual property portfolio with 5 international PCT patent families.


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