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Deep Imaging customers benefit from the most current and effective subsurface monitoring technology on the market.  With 5 international PCT patent families, and years of development and testing, Deep Imaging has reinvented EM monitoring into a cutting-edge, proven system that maps fluid movement down to sub-stage resolution. 

The Difference: Direct Measurement

Unlike other subsurface monitoring solutions, Deep Imaging directly tracks and images fluid movement.  Other products infer where fluid is likely going by monitoring secondary variables like acoustical changes due to rocks cracking.  With Deep Imaging clients can directly monitor where fluid is placed.

The Only Surface-Based Solution

Deep Imaging’s products are entirely surface-based. With a small footprint and simple layout, Deep Imaging’s unique technology is sensitive and powerful. It is off the pad, so it won’t interfere with the rest of your operation, and is HSE friendly.

How It works

Proprietary transmitters emit 100 KWs of broadband electromagnetic energy to unconventional reservoirs depths.  Deep Imaging’s ultra-sensitive voltmeter grid then measures the difference in volts per meter returning to the surface. The dynamic reservoir changes caused by stimulation are then measured and imaged, identifying fluid placement, leak off, and entrapment.

Product Spec Sheets

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  • 3-D Finite Element Forward Modeling
  • Transmitter
  • Receivers
  • Processing & Imaging

How Our Unconventional EM



Complete 3D Forward Modeling:

  • Predictive Forward Model
  • Determines project feasibility
  • Identifies which frequencies to transmit and which frequencies will be recorded
  • Patented Coulomb Gage Finite Element Modeling
  • 3D anisotropy
  • Utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) for faster turn around
  • Developed in conjunction with Texas A&M University
  • Quick modeling allows for array geometry and cost estimates

Enhanced Resolution with Patented Array Layout

  • 100’s of receivers versus 1000’s
  • Resolution plus or minus 50 feet
  • Layout is directly above the target formation and off pad
  • Small footprint typically contained within the length of a lateral

Proprietary Data Acquisition System

  • Reaches unconventional reservoir depths and to the surface
  • Lightweight, small and portable


  • High-powered
  • Specific wave form
  • Broadband frequencies


  • Nano second timing allowing for an amplitude ratio that works
  • Ultra-sensitive for improved SNR and resistivity differences 2:1

Simple, Transparent Processing and Imaging

  • Not traditional seismic processing
  • Transparent workflow, no black box, simple amplitude ratio
  • Repeatable and less interpretative


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