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The most advanced frac diagnostic tool in the field

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Identify the problems in your wells and improve profitability

We identify frac hits, bad cement, plug failures, open zippers and other problems in your wells that are the cause of under performance.

Clients have never had these insights before. We provide these answers by tracking frac fluid in real-time so you can see where you’re actually placing fluid—and it’s not where typical models predict.

When you know your problems, you can solve them and get back on track. So let’s fix this together.

Real time fluid tracking

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A pioneer in fluid tracking diagnostics

Deep Imaging is the only company that directly tracks frac fluid as you inject it into the well and when you pull it back out. We do this by creating a subsurface electric field and measure the changes caused by the moving fluid. Our measurements are direct, eliminating any guesswork.

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Maximize safety

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The smallest footprint

Our technology lies in the meadow over your horizontal⁠—it is entirely surface-based and off the pad. We are the lightest, most low-impact diagnostic tool in the industry and never enter the well site or interfere with operations.

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Improving your economics

When you can identify the source of a problem early, you can fix it faster. Deep Imaging empowers you to see where the problem is so you can address it, stop wasting resources and time, and save money.

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