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frac detectives devoted to finding answers

At Deep Imaging we are devoted to finding answers‭. ‬This drive for uncovering‭ ‬information has led to a passion in oil field diagnostics‭. ‬

The way we see it‭, ‬there are thousands of decisions that come together‭ ‬when you are frac'ing a well‭, ‬and you don’t always have the answers you need‭. ‬That’s what gets us excited—investigating that unknown and helping find the winning solutions‭. ‬

Deep Imaging increase oilfield safety with technology

Our mission

We have one mission. We are wholly focused on reducing uncertainty for operators. We do this by directly measuring fluid movement and providing a real-time view of their reservoir. It’s our specialty. So when you want to see and understand what's happening subsurface, we are the team to call.

Core Values

While our technology is stellar, our people are what make us successful. We are a team with a common set of values.  Safety comes first. We are insightful. We operate with integrity. We are partners with our clients and each other.

Deep Imaging group shot leaders in oilfield technology

Safety–it comes first, second and third

Our tracking technology is entirely surface based and off the pad‭, ‬eliminating the associated risks of being near or down the borehole‭. ‬To date we have accumulated over 25,000‭ ‬field hours with no lost time hours

As part of our commitment to accident prevention‭, ‬we have a joint management/worker safety committee‭. ‬We also conduct a thorough‭ ‬risk assessment process before each project and implement new controls as necessary for special considerations and varying environments‭. ‬Safety is our number one priority‭.‬

Calling all go-getters and trailblazers — this opportunity is for you

We are looking for forward-thinking leaders who want to join a winning team‭. ‬At Deep Imaging‭ ‬you will be given the opportunity to grow and have a meaningful impact on your projects and the industry at large‭. ‬We are‭ ‬committed to helping clients improve their operations and are seeking team members who share that commitment and passion‭. ‬Join us and make your mark on the industry‭. ‬