/ Real-time fluid tracking

Peer Approved

Anadarko Basin

Don’t be at Fault

An operator was fracing a new child well that was forecasted to produce similarly to what the parent well had produced. They wanted to gain data on the reservoir interactions, so Deep Imaging was engaged to implement its fluid tracking technology as a part of the project.

As the project began it quickly became evident that it was not progressing as anticipated. Production was very low and something unexpected was happening.  

Deep Imaging’s fluid tracking showed that the frac fluid was not actually staying in the child well, that there was a fault line that was pulling the frac fluid into the parent well. The client was able to watch this with Deep Imaging’s frac fluid imaging technology.

With Deep Imaging’s new real-time tracking the client was able to see the problem, move to the next stage, stop degrading a well and stop spending money on a stage that was not being treated appropriately. The technology allowed for faster reaction time and resulted in greater efficiency.

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